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Car Navigation Repair

We also offer car navigation repair services in Melbourne; we are equipped with the latest technological advancements and resources and are backed by a team of highly talented individuals who understand the problems with your car’s navigation system and helps you get it back repaired. So if you are looking for some reliable car navigation repair services, then we at Complete Options will provide you with the same, which is at reasonable market leading prices.

Car Alarm Installation

Safety is the utmost priority in this era, safety of our property and our selves is what every individual thinks about, especially with the increase in criminals and crimes. If you are concerned about your newly bought car and if you don’t want to be a victim of car theft or robbery, then the best thing you can do to prevent this is by installing a car alarm in your car. We at Complete Option, provide car alarm installation services in Melbourne for our clients, which help in alerting the drivers and owners whenever a problem arises.

Car DVD Radio Repair

We at Complete Options also offer various types of services to our clients that include radio and car DVD repair services. Our team of efficient and skilled professionals are trained to repair all types of car radio and DVD players. They keep themselves updated about all the new technological advancements in this field so that they can provide the best type of services to all models and types of cars and their radios and DVDs. So if you are facing problems with either the radio or the DVD system of your car then come down here and we will fix it for you at reasonable rates.

Handsfree Car Kit

We also offer a huge spread of hands free car kits of various kinds. These help the driver to receive and make calls without touching the phone. These are highly user friendly in nature and help the driver to concentrate on the roads without getting distracted or caught while communicating with others via making telephone calls. So go ahead and get your car a superior quality Hands-free car kit from Complete Options in Melbourne, and make calls without any hurdles.

Car Parking Sensors

We at Complete options provide a vast range of parking sensors for our clients; these parking sensors are superior in quality and are known for their high efficiency. These parking sensors are designed to alert the driver while parking when there is an obstacle behind. These parking sensors are either ultrasonic or electromagnetic. These are highly sensitive and never fail to alert the drivers of what lay behind them while they park their cars. So if you too are one among those drivers, who get nervous while parking their cars then get these parking sensors installed and enjoy a smooth ride.

Car Central Locking

We provide central locking system in cars, and to do so we make use of the latest techniques available in the industry. The Central locking system enables the driver of the car or the passenger to automatically lock and unlock all the car doors simultaneously at once, with the help of a button or a switch. This central locking systems are handy and user friendly keeping the individuals of the car safe and secured inside. We aim at providing maximum satisfaction to our clients and that is the reason why we also provide installation services of the same to them.

Car Reverse Camera

With all the technological advancements in every sphere of life, there is no more struggling hard for reverse parking or to take cars out from the garage. We at Complete Options bring you with a vast range of car reverse camera in Melbourne, which helps you to safely reverse park your car without struggling to see the blind spot. We provide the best grade reverse cameras in the industry and we provide installation services, so that you can sit back and relax.

Car Immobiliser

We at Complete Options, understand your concern about the safety of your car, therefore we provide you with the best quality car immobiliser, an electronic security device that when installed in the vehicle, it helps you prevent any type of hot wiring. The car immobiliser prevents the engine to run unless and until the correct key is inserted. This ensures you with safety and security knowing the fact that once the car immobiliser is installed in your car, it will not be easy to get stolen. We make these available at reasonable prices and make sure that the products meet the industrial set standards.

Car Audio Stereos Installation

We at Complete Options provide our clients with a huge range of products and services; some of the important services we provide include car stereos and car audio installation. We, with the help of our highly skilled team of professionals ensure that your car has been installed properly with the car stereos and other audio devices. The service provided by us is highly acknowledged by our esteemed clients. So, if you too want to install car stereos and audio in your vehicle and if you are located in the Melbourne area, then you already know whom to approach.


Sometimes finding quality auto products in Melbourne is difficult.

Complete Options Car Audio & Alarms sells, installs and repairs top quality brands such as:

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  • JVC
  • Focal
  • Orion
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Sony
  • Mongoose
  • Morrel
  • Cerwin Vega
  • Diamond Audio
  • Much more